As a mother of twin girls, I can attest to how quickly children grow up. One minute you’re rocking them to sleep in a serene nursery and the next you find yourself in the midst of your chaotic morning routine to get them off to school. The change happens quickly and somewhere in the middle of it all comes the time to shift from the sweet nursery where they spent their first nights to the “big kid” room where they will create childhood memories.

I’m a firm believer that homes can be both functional and beautiful, and striking this combination is especially important when designing nurseries and children’s rooms to make for a smooth transition process from one stage to the next. Ready or not, children will grow out of their nurseries and childhood rooms, but a bit of planning ahead during the interior design process can help make this transition one of the easiest parts of growing up.

Have fun with the décor (but look to the future)

When designing the room you will bring your newborn home to, opt for designs that can easily transform into a playful “big kid” room in a few short years. For big purchases like furniture and/or statement pieces, choose neutral items that can grow with your child from one stage to the next. If more children are part of the plan, neutral furnishings will also make it easier to design a room for the opposite gender.

interior design nurseryThe whimsical, Moroccan-inspired interior design of this nursery is the perfect balance of beautiful and functional. The hand-painted wall mural and décor offer playful and unique details that can be easily incorporated into a youthful childhood room.

Storage is Key

As children get older, they collect more things, making storage a very important component for any “big kid” room. When possible, I love building storage into the design of the room to allow for more organization while taking up as little floor space as possible.

interior design process

interior design process

Incorporating built-in cubbies, drawers and shelving into the layout of the room during the interior design process leaves more space for playtime.

Choose [Statement Pieces] Wisely

I love adding a fabulous statement piece to designs to bring a room together. Great statement pieces can be an investment, so when choosing pieces for a nursery or a “big kid” room, be sure to think about how those pieces can transition from one stage to the next.

I personally adore chairs and love incorporating them into nurseries and children’s rooms. Unique chairs can make awesome statement pieces, while also serving a functional purpose and can easily transition from a cozy nursing spot in a nursery to a reading or studying nook in a “big kid” room.
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