It’s been a few months since I was first inspired by Cathryn Linn’s oh-so tidy Instagram feed. I shot her a DM, told her I needed lots of help, and thankfully, she agreed.

Dozens of custom labels later, the final reveal is here!

If you’ve been following along, back in January, I decided to take on the task of organizing the Laura U studio library. Cathryn Linn of The Organizing Org bravely accepted the challenge of getting a group of creatives to put things in their proper spots. This months-long journey of sorting, editing, categorizing, and labeling all the samples in our library is finally ready to share with the world.

Today, I’m thrilled to share that our studio organization project is complete and the library is once again a place of joy!

The Laura U Studio Library - close up fabric and leather drawer transformation

The Laura U Studio Library - close up of labels

Check out these branded labels – so chic!

When my team is working on designing our signature Classically Current interiors, they no longer have to fight with all the clutter and disorganization. They’re not wasting time sorting through bags to try and find what they’re looking for. And the team spends less time sourcing and pulling materials, which is fabulous!

We started out with overflowing bins of fabrics. Bins with a mishmash of porcelain tile, grout options, and hardware were the norm.

Now, every sample is labeled and has a designated home. It’s much easier to find what you’re looking for, and samples get put back where they belong immediately. That’s right. That very important addage of cleaning up after yourself has taken hold!

Cleaning up the space and making sure it’s organized is a breeze. And since we are a group that lives on making things beautiful, we’ve actually kept it looking this way…so far.

Bright carpet samples organized by color here…

All of the samples are labeled and organized by color. When the designers are looking for cream outdoor fabric, for example, they know exactly what drawer the samples are in. This is one of the key results of a successful organization project, according to Cathryn: saving time!

Labeling has definitely made a world of difference in how organized the studio is. And I love that Cathryn was able to use the Laura U branded font to make these labels truly reflective of our studio.

The Laura U Studio Library - fabric samples close up

A better shot of these pretty (and useful!) labels

We used labeled magazine holders for storing larger samples and brochures. Sturdy wooden boxes we found when going through the organizing process are great for our larger tile samples. And small square plastic containers were just the thing for our smaller tile samples. The best part was that we were able to use containers we already had in the office to organize the samples in the drawers and on the shelves.

New boxes and organizers were found at IKEA, the Container Store, and a couple other spots that Cathryn is keeping proprietary. Much like our design team, Cathryn prefers to source from a variety of different places, leaving our library looking collected and well-thought out.

The Laura U Studio Library - fabric and leather samples

A rainbow collective of well-organized samples

The Laura U Studio Library - hard finishes

I love the small containers housing our hard finishes

One of the biggest challenges of the project was finding space for all the leather samples. Y’all, there was a ton of them. But thanks to all the purging, we were able to create space for them in the drawers. The mental stress of the clutter and having to search through bags of samples to find what you’re looking for is gone.

Now, they’re all in one location and we love the way they look!

The Laura U Studio Library - Ann Sacks tile samples

Ann Sacks tiles getting the space they deserve

The studio library is no longer messy and disorganized. It’s actually functional and the team loves working in the space again. Plus, we don’t have to worry about having unnecessary samples lying around anymore.

Labeling makes it easy to see what needs to be returned to vendors, so we don’t have samples taking up too much space. Every week, we make a return and even that process has improved. There’s a purpose and reason behind each sample in our library, which is what I call successfully using a space!

The Laura U Studio Library - entire shot of hard finishes

Here’s a better shot of all the hard finishes drawers

The Laura U Studio Library - shade samples

Rolled shade samples tucked away neatly!

Going through the process of organizing the studio library took time and thought, but we’re so happy with how it turned out. Cathryn and the team did an amazing job helping us turn our cluttered studio library into a space that’s functional and inspiring again! I can’t wait to see all the stunning interiors the team creates in this space.

For a behind the scenes look at what they’re designing, follow along on Instagram. And be on the lookout for an even BIGGER reveal coming soon.

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