When it comes to creating interiors that are equal parts luxurious and livable, I am always on the lookout for design houses that create gorgeous, yet durable, products. One vendor I can consistently count on to produce well-made, unique products is Vetrazzo: maker of one-of-a-kind glass countertops and surfaces. I have become a huge fan of Vetrazzo’s work over the years and have featured its countertops in some of my favorite interiors. I was thrilled when I received an invitation to the company’s headquarters in Georgia for an inside look at the manufacturing facilities.

I love to see how things are made especially so I fully understand what I am specifying for our clients and also so I can relate the story of where these materials come from first hand. The gracious design team at Vetrazzo, helmed by Maitena Labourdette (Process Engineer) and Alejandro Walters (Brand Manager) welcomed Michael and me for an all access tour. Learning about the process by which recycled glass becomes a new product from beginning to end was inspiring!

Here is a peek into our trip to Vetrazzo’s Tate, Georgia, facility (of course, full safety gear was required):

Laura Umansky

Each Vetrazzo design begins with bags and bags of pieces of colored glass, which are hand-selected and blended into patterns that become the gorgeous slabs for which Vetrazzo is known. The sheer quantity of recycled glass was incredible, and all were organized and sorted by color.

Classic Interior DesignGlass Counter TopBlue Interior Design Multicolor GlassI loved all of the color poured out over the grounds!

unspecified-5Vetrazzo’s products are meticulously designed and handled with extreme care – it really is special how these tiny bits of glass come together to create Vetrazzo’s highly durable – and highly fabulous – slabs.

Classic InteriorClassically Current HoustonFinish ProductWe were excited to see the finished 1 cm thin (that is super thin for a full slab – oh the possibilities)! Michael is checking this one out that was just finished.

Interior Design HoustonOne of my favorite parts of the whole process was seeing the specialty finish applied to some of the completed concrete slabs. This is a custom finishing technique that provides a rich color to the concrete ground.

Custom FinishingAnd just like that, these beauties are ready to ship and fill a home with color and style! Vetrazzo slabs and tile are perfect for seaside getaways, mid-century mod residences (hello Palm Springs style!), and anywhere that you need a beautiful performance material.

Houston Interior DesignBlue Counter TopAs if the tour itself wasn’t exciting enough, I also had the opportunity to get down to business with the talented members of the Vetrazzo design team. We had an awesome time collaborating on design ideas and I can’t wait to implement some of the concepts into future projects for my clients! Check out my Pinterest inspiration board for a potential collab with the Vetrazzo team. Lot’s in the works!

Interior DesignIt was truly remarkable to see the complete process in which shards of broken glass are repurposed into truly singular masterpieces. I can’t thank the Vetrazzo team enough for allowing us to take a peek inside their facility and I look forward to working with this wonderful team again soon!