The staircase is one of the main focal points of your home’s entryway. Since many parties and gatherings begin with your guests coming in the front door, it’s part of the first impression they have of the space. So having a staircase that represents you and your home to is key.

When it comes to determining the design of your wrap around staircase, here are three questions to ask yourself.

Wrap around staircases, Grand entrance, Laura U Interior Design

1. What flooring do I want to use at the bottom of the stairs? 

The flooring at the bottom of your stairs sets the tone for your staircase. Stone or hardwoods are a great neutral flooring option and keep the focus on the staircase itself. Tile, especially when done in a custom pattern or in a striking color combination like black and white, can create a very dramatic entry. Remember, this is typically a large space where there will be a lot of flooring, so be mindful of what you select.
Wrap around staircases, neutral entry, Luxe

2. What type of railing do I want to use?

The railing you select for your staircase depends on the style of your home. For something more modern and contemporary, a clear Lucite or glass railing is a fabulous choice. And I don’t think you can ever go wrong with the classic wrought iron and wood combination.

3. What do I want the material of the stairs to be?

When selecting the material of the stairs, you can choose to offset the color of the flooring at the bottom of the stairs with what you use on the steps. Pairing a natural cream marble with blue-green marble on each step gives it a very luxurious feel and definitely makes a statement.
Wrap around staircases, green marble, white floors,
It’s also important to consider whether or not you’ll be using a stair runner. A stair runner is a wonderful way to protect your floors, especially if you have kiddos, and add warmth, color or pattern to the staircase. Mixing materials on your staircase gives you a lot of depth and visual texture. I love how they used a stair runner to add color to this staircase and tie in the bright blue entryway lighting fixture.
Wrap sound staircases, blue accent tones, stair runner
Having a wrap around staircase in your home is a fabulous way to make a statement in your entryway. When creating the design, make sure the style matches the rest of your home. Think about the materials you want to use and decide if you want to add color, texture or pattern to your stairs. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the design and the materials you use!
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