I don’t know about you but, after a long hectic week with the kiddos and the studio, I am dreaming of a spa day. I can hardly sit still to have my nails done, so to carve out time for a full day at the spa seems like it will never happen. So, I turned my bathroom into my own version of a relaxing spa-like space.

This is way easier than it sounds! Add a bit of seating, remove clutter, upgrade bathroom fittings and a couple of decorative touches and you can transform your own bath into a luxurious spa-like atmosphere where you can unwind and relax your mind after a chaotic week!

Spa Bathroom Ideas

Declutter and Add Extra Storage

If you don’t use it every day, get rid of it! We are all guilty of loading up on products, makeup and toiletries; but it’s better to store these under the sink in a handy basket or in a designated drawer (line it with drawer liner – trust me). If you have trouble finding enough space to store bathroom necessities, keep what you love and dump the rest. You can let go, I believe in you! There are a lot of great new bathroom accessories out there that look great and are very practical.

Use pretty clear glass containers to hold cotton balls, Qtips, and bath salts (see photo below), and a tray to hold rolled hand towels for a chic look that keeps it all together. Keeping your bathroom essentials organized and neatly tucked away lets you breathe easier in an instant (woosah)!

Bathroom Storage Ideas


While the gorgeous oval crystal chandelier in the fab Calacatta Marble bathroom below is stunning, if it was super bright, it wouldn’t be relaxing. Be sure to put ALL lighting on a dimmer so you can have the ultimate control over the ambiance of your space, as previously mentioned in a recent blog post.

Layered lighting is key in the bathroom, as in other rooms in your home, so plan for a mix of overhead and wall lighting. Sconces on either side of the mirror offer much more flattering light than an overhead recessed fixture does. And who doesn’t want flattering light in their new “spa”!?

bathroom lighting ideas

Upgrade Bathroom Fittings

Are you living with boring bath fixtures and fittings? Go with unique pieces to add luxurious touches throughout the bathroom. I love a freestanding bathtub and floor mounted tub filler in a master bath. In the image below, I used a contemporary tub and tub filler in a classically designed space for a clean, spare, relaxed look.

bathtub design ideas

Another must for a “spa” like bath is a fab shower head with multiple functions! Whether you prefer a soft waterfall from a rain showerhead, a high-pressure massage from your Speakman showerhead, a hand shower offering multiple settings or all of the above, choosing a shower head to fit your preferences is a quick update to make your bathroom feel more luxurious.

Shower Design Ideas

Luxurious Amenities  

When you think of a spa, what are the first accessories that come to mind? For me, it’s aromatherapy candles, warm fluffy towels, plants and/or flowers and plush seating. Much like the photo below, if the space allows it, adding a cushy ottoman or bench in the bathroom is a wonderful way to incorporate a comfy spot to unwind, and will also provide extra seating when you decide to let the kiddos back in – livable luxury at its finest!

In this master en suite, we incorporated an incredible amount of candles along the window and added smooth white river rocks along the base of the freestanding tub to give it an extra spa-like feel. Now for the towels – Sferra is a go to for us, but I also love the bamboo line from Kassatex. Last, but not least, add a succulent floral arrangement to your bathroom. My mother always kept African Violets because they love the humidity found in a master bath.

Spa Bathroom Ideas

Now that you have seen some of the ideas to transform one of the most used rooms in your home into a fab spa-like oasis, start creating your perfect “spa” now. Cue the bubbles, mud masks and candle light- throw in a glass of wine and you’re all set! For more design ideas follow my Pinterest and Instagram.

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